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Jon hails from a sleepy New England town, having spent much of his childhood making exceptionally mediocre horror films with his cousins and older brother. In 1998, he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Design, leaving with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, as well as twenty thousand dollars in student loan debt.

He began his career in entertainment as a theater actor, with roles such as Hank in Marvin's Room, King Philip II in The Lion In Winter, and a plethora of student and amateur films, most of which have thankfully long since been forgotten. He fell in love with writing after penning a segment for the 2006 ensemble production, The Art Of Being, in which he also performed for audiences in Hollywood, Austin, Chicago and San Antonio.


He would go on to write, produce and direct his debut feature-length film, Delicate Playthings, in 2009. At the 2016 Black Bird Film Festival, his fifteen-minute horror film, Our Parents Lied, was an official selection and was nominated for best narrative short. Jon has since written over a dozen feature film scripts, one of which will someday be the blueprint for his breakout success. Upon which time, he will finally get to leave his day job, working as an engineer in digital distribution for film and television.


He currently resides in Athens, Georgia.

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